With the Coharie TribeĀ 

To care for our beautiful places is to care for our history, our present, and our future…

The Coharie people descend from the aboriginal tribe of the Neusiok Indians and have a current tribal roll of 3,032 members. In their community’s history, the Great Coharie Creek has had deep cultural significance to the Coharie people acting as a roadway, a place for joy, and a source of sustenance. For decades, storms and poor maintenance had disrupted river access; but, after years of community conservation efforts, over 100 miles of river have been cleared and the Coharie people continue to steward and maintain access to this beautiful but threatened waterway.


This experience is an exploration of a beautiful natural place and its profound significance to the community that has called it home. Join members of the Coharie community on a guided kayak tour down the Great Coharie Creek and spend some time learning about how their relationship with this body of water has impacted their culture for centuries.

After a relaxing paddle down stream, you will conclude your experience with a community lunch and some activities in their cultural center, including some time spent with their recently recovered 600 year old canoe. Come along with the best guides possible on this gentle and impactful experience paddling kayaks downstream!

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